Get 15% stabilized rental yield and 25% IRR for 3 years


Why Saipan?



With CNY anticipated to further depreciate and the USD bond yield to continue to fall, China investors with abundant liquidity are keen on quality overseas investment opportunities overseas


The new Vegas and Macao?


Favorable Tax Regime

The CNMI has one of the lowest effective corporate income tax rates in the world and that is the lowest tax jurisdiction on US soil. Overall tax rates are 10%-15% less than the US federal tax rate.


Note: The above tables are only for reference and should not be deemed to be complete or as tax advice. Investors are recommended to seek advice from independent tax advisors.


Tourism set for Exponential Growth in Near Future



Well Positioned to Cater the Outbound Chinese Market




Lacks of Hotel Rooms Both in Quantity and Quality


Source: Marianas Visitors Authority, HANMI, Tripadvisor



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