The Northern Mariana Islands



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Why Saipan?

  • Economy - Saipan, the nearest US Territory to Asia, has become a growing tourist destination supported by phenomenal growth of 300% besides the game changing gaming industry taking off by Imperial Pacific Resort casino in 2015 (HKex 1076 market cap HKD18bn).
  • Tourism - The number of outbound Chinese tourist arrivals is set to reach 220 million by 2020.
  • Infrastructure – Increase to 150 flights per weekly from major cities in China(48% based on arrivals), Korea(40%) and Japan(12%).
  • Employment Growth - Imperial Resort Casino and Plumeria Golf Resort on the island set to create number of hotel and casino jobs by 7000+.
  • Housing – Lack of supply and new construction since 1990s added by economic growth impetus make buying now a compelling factor.
  • Investment Opportunity – Increasing demand for real estate with visitation growth and labor needs. This represents a huge opportunity for real estate player(offices, hotel operators, residential investments(especially worker accommodation) on the island.


The new Vegas and Macao?

  • Imperial Pacific’s Casino – soft opened in July 2015 and Grand Opening in July 2017 expanded to 80 VIP tables.
  • January’s unaudited VIP gambling rolling chip volume rose 147% year-on-year to an all-time monthly high of USD5.59 Billion.
  • Phase I Grand Mariana Casino and Hotel scheduled to open in 1Q2017, comprising of a 16-story hotel tower with 350 hotel suites, and 15 villa suites.
  • Projection of 200+ tables and 400 slots.
  • Research analysts are estimating that the VIP turnover in Saipan will amount to ~50% of Las Vegas in 2017.
  • Visa-free policy for Chinese visitors, with increased flight routes into Saipan from gateway cities.
  • Imperial Pacific to continue investing in Saipan with Phase II (an integrated resort) expected to open in succession in 2018 / 2019 totaling in USD7 billion.







Strategically positioned


US Territory, a few hours away

  • Saipan, the nearest US Territory to Asia in the western Pacific Ocean, is strategically located as the closest archipelago of United States to Asia.
  • Visitors in Saipan is connected with direct flights to major cities throughout Asia namely Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.






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